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At Plaster Fun House we provide an exciting and entertaining creative experience for adults and children of all ages. We have a large range of plaster pieces for you to choose from to make your very own masterpiece in our store!

Our wide range includes: magnets, figurines, letters, wall plaques, photo frames and money boxes.

Plaster Fun House is a rewarding and economical way of satisfying your creative talents. Simply go to your nearest store, choose and pay for a plaster model from our extensive range and have free use of our paints to paint your creation in our stores. When your creation is complete we will provide a spray gloss and glitter totally free if desired.

We can also add joggle eyes, bows, pom-poms, glasses, hats and many other items at a small additional charge to personalise your masterpiece.

Plaster Fun House is known for it's range of 3D pieces which is extensive together with several hundred wall plaques complete with hooks to hang on your wall when painted.

We have smocks available in all our stores, so staining of clothing is minimised with your young children We can cater to any age from 3 upwards and also have a large range of country scenes and other pieces for adults to try as well.

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