2 - 16 years


4 Charles St, Boston, MA 02116, США

Цена для взрослых:

3.50 USD

Цена для детей:

2.00 USD - Swan Boats of Boston - Swan Boats of Boston - Swan Boats of Boston - Swan Boats of Boston - Swan Boats of Boston


The Swan Boats are a fleet of dual-pontooned pleasure boats which operate in a pond in the Public Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The Swan Boats have been in operation since 1877, and have since become a cultural icon for the city. They operate beginning the second weekend of April and ending the third weekend in September. Robert Paget first created the Swan Boats in the Public Garden in 1877, after seeing the opera Lohengrin with his wife Julia Paget. Inspired by the Knight's gallant rescue of the damsel by riding a Swan across the lake, Paget decided to capitalize on the recent popularity of the bicycle and combine the two, designing a two-pontooned boat with two wooden benches and a brass seat on top of a paddlebox concealed by a swan. The driver would sit inside the swan and pedal passengers around the pond.

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