lubry – Poznan legends in 6D



3 - 14 years


Wroniecka 6, Poznań, Польша


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Цена для взрослых:

17.00 PLN

Цена для детей:

15.00 PLN - lubry – Poznan legends in 6D - lubry – Poznan legends in 6D - lubry – Poznan legends in 6D - lubry – Poznan legends in 6D


Blubry – Poznan legends in 6D, is a unique place where you will feel the atmosphere of old Poznan. Getting into our time capsule you will move back in time where you will meet the characters of city legends. The stories will be told by a lecturer in one of the chosen languages – Polish, English, German or Spanish. The attractions we prepared will be experienced with all your senses.
With the three-dimensional glasses you will see the murals made in 3D technique, which on a total area of 700 m2 will present you the story of old Poznan. In the room with multimedia screens you will listen to the distinctive Poznan dialect and you will also see a 1.5m model of Poznan Town Hall. Special effects – fog, wind or lasers, meeting moving characters from our stories and sweet almond scent of St. Martin’s croissants will intensify your experience. This is just a small part of what you will experience with us.

Blubry – Poznan legends in 6D, is a place where legendary stories combine with modern technologies. You will be both the participants and the creators of action. Your impressions and emotions can be expressed out loud:)

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