Martial Arts School "Moy Martial Arts & Tai Chi Academy"



5 - 16 years


14407 NE 13th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98685, США


The goal of the Kids Martial Arts Program is to become a person that has strength tempered by character and self-discipline.

Your child will learn the Martial Arts skills of blocking, escaping from grabs, and how to strike as a last resort. They will also learn how to set Personal Space Boundaries and to assertively use their voice and words to stop the bully.

Stranger Danger and Abduction Prevention drills and scenarios teach the students how to recognize, avoid and escape from predators.

Students in the Martial Arts for Kids program learn how to spar (based on Kung Fu, Karate and Boxing), do takedowns (based on Judo and Grappling) and how to control the opponent when on the ground (based on Jujitsu and Grappling).  All this is taught in a safe and supervised class.

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