Dance studio "Meiya Arts Education"



6 - 16 years


3200 SE 164th Ave #222, Vancouver, WA 98683, США


We offer:

  • Ballet : Elegance Classic Ballet Training professional royal ballet program help children building up basic ballet skills which is include floor warm up and center practice and variation etc.
  • Belly dance. Mystery dance from Egypt. 
  • Ballet. Our ballet classes provide a basic grounding in basic ballet fundamentals and technique.
  • Jazz. These soulful classes develop a strong technical foundation focusing on lowering the dancer’s center of gravity and syncopating movement with a blend of Latin, modern ballet and jazz.
  • Zumba. Combine with the aerobic and Latino dance, mix and help your body warm up,  easy to learn and is the better way to keep fit.
  • Teen ballet: provide a basic grounding in basic ballet fundamentals  and technique. 
  • Modern ballet: These soulful classes develop a strong technical foundation. 
  • Chinese Folk Dance.
  • Salsa: A dance of energy and passion that flows while being performed at the dance floor.

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