3 - 16 years


7 Arwen Pl, East Tamaki, 2013, Новая Зеландия

Цена для взрослых:

16.00 NZD

Цена для детей:

10.00 NZD


JUMP is a spring-loaded urban playground with a range of activities for everyone to enjoy. Suitable for all ages, from small children just having a JUMP to teenagers and parkour free runners experimenting tricks, up to grandparents JUMPing around with their grandchildren. Regardless of your skill/fitness level JUMP will cater to all. This is all made safe with soft landing surfaces, lots of padding and gymnastic grade foam creating a platform to burn energy while having the most fun you can possibly imagine.

JUMP is made up of thousands of square metres of interlocking trampolines covering the floor space and going up the walls. In addition we also have a 20ft foam pit area to JUMP into from a set of ‘runway’ trampolines, a trampoline dodge ball court and other fun accessories like a basketball hoop for extreme dunking.


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