Sudden Impact Volleyball Club



7 - 16 years


13405 SE 30th St, Bellevue, WA 98005, США - Sudden Impact Volleyball Club - Sudden Impact Volleyball Club - Sudden Impact Volleyball Club


We employ the Gold Medal Squared coaching philosophy and methodology. We have applied these skills and coaching techniques among all of our teams over the past 11 years to fortify a strong, consistent framework for all our athletes to improve their skills as volleyball players. Through this consistent way of teaching, we continue to develop a winning club program throughout all of our age groups. Whether a player is 10 or 18, she will be taught the same principles of volleyball in a positive way that will develop her into a better volleyball player.

All SIVBC Summer Camps will have a high ratio of coaches to players and will be taught by experienced coaches from Sudden Impact Volleyball Club.

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