Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios



3 - 16 years


1651 28th St, Boulder, CO 80301, США


Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios is proud to offer our Ultimate Kenpo Karate System in a variety of age-specific formats.  We separate our programs by ages and skill levels to make sure you or your child is being trained in the most effective way based on age and ability.

Our programs offer classes for students of all ages and skill levels – from white belt to Master-level Black Belt, from as young as age three to grandparents in their sixties and seventies – all taught in safe, clean, family-friendly environments.

One of the best things about our training is that it is one of the few activities the entire family can participate in and grow together. With our age-specific programs, your whole family can be learning and be enjoying the benefits of a martial arts classes while training with other students their age and skill level.

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