Miniature Park "Miniatürk"



3 - 16 years


Örnektepe Mahallesi, Sütlüce 3 Park İçi Yolu, 34445 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Турция


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Цена для взрослых:

15.00 TRY

Цена для детей:

15.00 TRY - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk" - Miniature Park "Miniatürk"


Miniaturk was inaugurated on 02 May 2003. It is a collection of models of architectural works from the rich heritage of many civilizations that prevailed and left traces in Turkey from Ancient Greece to Rome and the Byzantine Empire, from the Seljuks to the Ottomans.

In line with its motto “A small model of a great country”, Miniaturk has become a display window for Turkey. It contains models at a scale of 1/25 of 131 architectural works selected from among thousands of historical buildings by the criteria of reputation, capacity to represent its era and the feasibility of the making of its model.

Miniaturk, located by the Golden Horn, is not limited to modern Turkey or to the Turkish culture, but brings together traces of a co-existence of several civilizations in the whole old Ottoman realm with all the values that has made Anatolia what it is today. It is the symbol of civilizations dating as far back as 3000 thousand years ago where peace, tolerance and justice prevailed. 

A team, supported by expert advisors, chose, by a painstaking selection procedure, the caravanserais, mosque complexes, madrasahs, bridges, railway stations, castles, defense walls, mausoleums, mosques, churches, synagogues, palaces, mansions, obelisks, monuments, statutes as well as unique natural formations such as Pamukkale’s white cascades and Cappadocia’s fairy chimneys to be exhibited in Miniaturk.

Everything is so faithful to its original in Miniaturk that one feels as if he had traveled across the whole country from the east to the west, from the north to the east in a very short span of time. An audio guiding system that accompanies each model is unique to Miniaturk. The systems provide information in nine languages: Turkish, English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi and Japanese.

Its total area is 60.000 sqm. In addition to the 15.000-sqm-area where miniatures are located, a restaurant, a café, a shopping mall, an open-air show ground and a children’s playground make Miniaturk a giant complex where everything is available to make visitors have a good time while learning things. Also there is a car park and this car park capacity 180 cars. As well as Miniatürk included two small museum which are The Panorama Victory Museum and The Istanbul Crystals Museum.

The first address in Istanbul tours for both local and foreign tourists, Miniaturk is ideal for those who want to make a wonderful trip round Turkey in a short span of time. Miniaturk is a display window for Turkey!

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