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1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527, США


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Цена для взрослых:

44.99 USD

Цена для детей:

34.99 USD


Soak up the sun at one of America's best water parks - Six Flags Hurricane Harbor! This tropical island paradise offers a million-gallon wave pool, one of the world's longest lazy rivers, over 23 water slides and a massive water playground for wet and wild fun!

 Hurricane Harbor welcomes the all-new Caribbean Cove water play area. With 55 interactive features including water jets and a dumping bucket, families are sure to have a blast. When you've had enough fun in the sun relax in the 300 new lounge chairs under a brand-new shade structure.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor's three most popular slides are sure to please! Big Wave Racer will send riders barreling head-first down multiple lanes on an aero-dynamically-designed water toboggan. After climbing four stories, they will rocket down several steep drops stretching 1,800 feet before crossing the finish line in a splash of glory. 

On Tornado, first you’ll drop from a height of 75 feet down a 132-foot tunnel traveling at about 35 feet per second.  But hold on tight, because you are about to be propelled into an unbelievably huge 60-foot-wide funnel, where you’ll feel the full thundering power of the Tornado. You’ll swirl through the funnel like you’re being blown around with gale force winds.

King Cobra's dynamic design is a visual delight that packs a serious punch. It’s 256 feet of red and white scaly mega—snake, towering 56 feet in the air.  First, race your friends on the twin tracks of coiled tail, in a raging blast of full-tilt thrills over the scaly surface that lines the inside of the slide. But let’s get to the showstopper: the mind-blowing cobra head feature. After you’ve built up crazy speed moving through the beast’s body, you’ll get shot out and up the enraged cobra’s open hood. You never realized how slippery those things were before, but you will now, as you bullet right up into this enormous snake’s mouth! 

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