Westgate Park



0 - 16 years


Bay Trail, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Австралия


Westgate Park opened on 7 November 1985, dedicated it to the people of Victoria.

It was more modest than first envisaged with just cycling paths, a composting toilet, lawns seeded and garden beds planted with hardy Australian species. The bridge and city views were spectacular and the lakes filled with birds but the Park was nonetheless neglected for much of the next decade.


Friends of Westgate Park formed in 1999
300+ locally indigenous species planted by the Friends
60+ species of fungi identified
Monthly surveys record on average 50 bird species and ~1,000 birds
175 bird species visited the park since 2007
6 parcels of land totalling 7.8 hectares were added to the Park 2003-16 thanks to advocacy by the Friends

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