Kid's art studio "Kidzart Monmouth"



2 - 16 years


Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716, США


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  • Su Day-off - Kid's art studio "Kidzart Monmouth" - Kid's art studio "Kidzart Monmouth" - Kid's art studio "Kidzart Monmouth" - Kid's art studio "Kidzart Monmouth" - Kid's art studio "Kidzart Monmouth"


This is KidzArt! Where ages 2- adult HAVE FUN, learn to draw and experience creativity building exercises. Offered at schools and other community locations, our mobile program is complimented with 3-D projects, new and varied art mediums and our unique multi-cultural curriculum.

By using our simple drawing method, certified instructors help students create original works of art beyond what they thought possible. We are a drawing based program, complimented with artistic projects and curriculum that never repeat from age 2-18. We offer exposure to many mediums over the course of a student’s education. We offer:

  • a nurturing, safe,  non competitive environment
  • easy-to-learn drawing techniques that bring ideas to life.
  • a no mistake philosophy that allows students to take risks and think outside the box.
  • age appropriate, safe, professional-level fine art supplies and materials
  • activities that promote problem solving skill development
  • focus exercises
  • techniques to relax through art
  • music to enhance art expression

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