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Located in North Scottsdale, Arizona, Splatter Ranch outdoor paintball field offers 20 acres of lush Sonoran Natural Terrain – boasting two large fields, with complete CO2 and compressed-air filling stations, plus a paintball gun pro shop. On-site special orders are available, and a highly experienced, enthusiastic, and professional staff is there to help you have a fun and safe day of paintball. Splatter Ranch is perfect for beginners and the advanced “rec-baller” players. Splatter Ranch is outdoor paintball at its best!
FIELD ONE: This paintball field has a large open center with knee-high shrubs throughout, plenty of high shrubs surrounding the center, and buildings placed throughout the playing area. It offers the player several different playing styles all at once!
FIELD TWO:This is our most “natural” field, providing lots of cover and gullies to play in, and high shrubs throughout with only a few buildings. This field is very unique to play on because of all the natural hiding places and bunkers. You never know where the enemy is hiding, but you know that you’re probably being watched!

Reservations are not required to join in open paintball games. During open games, all players join in and play together. Our referee staff divides the group into 2 teams. All paintball players are welcome to play as many games as they like once they are checked in and have gone through orientation.

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