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10 Shady Glen Rd, East Durham, NY 12423, США


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Цена для взрослых:

31.99 USD

Цена для детей:

25.99 USD - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume" - Water park "Zoom Flume"


Nestled in the scenic northern Catskill Mountains, Zoom Flume, New York’s № 1 Family Water Park offers safe water fun, excitement and relaxation for all ages in a beautiful natural setting. Located just over two hours north of New York City and just one hour south of Albany, Zoom Flume is the perfect location: close enough for a great day trip and far enough for an unforgettable vacation.

For one low admission cost, you and your family or group will experience a full day of water fun! Catch a wave in the new Riptide Cove Wave Pool or zoom down giant 300-foot winding water slides to a splashdown in the canyon! If you’re feeling daring, challenge the 600-foot Wild River, twist, turn and splash in total darkness in the thrilling Black Vortex, take a plunge in the mighty Anaconda, or race your friends down the Grand Prix Splashway! There’s fun for little ones, too – children love Pelican Pond, a mini-waterslide. The Lagoon Activity Pool is perfect for splashing and playing fun, and a gentle float down the Lazy River offers a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

In addition to water fun, Zoom Flume also offers free parking, a food court, the Splash Zone Gift Shop, and plenty of seating areas to ensure your water adventure is the best and most fun possible

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