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Zamkowa 33, Podzamcze, Польша


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The house of legends and terrors is an unique tourist attraction on the scale of the whole country. 

Once passing through the gateway of our facility,  you are instantly teleported into the world of fairy tales and legends, which the Krakow-Czestochowa Jura is famous for. Would you like to stand face to face with the powerful "Black dog”, get an up-close look at the "White Lady”, or be surrounded by powerful bats?You are welcome to come inside and see for yourself how scary these legendary characters  are. They derive from legends which are both mysterious and horrifying and are said to have really happened. 

The amusement park is an attraction, which is dedicated for younger family members.

For children, we have prepared a fairy-tale playground, where you will find such attractions as one of the biggest inflatable castles in Poland, a carousel, a Knight's Castle, swings and slides.

All the attractions fit perfectly with the surrounding landscapes, which gives you a feeling as if you were transported back to a time in the Middle Ages filled with castles and knights. 

In the Park of Physics Experiments you can find 37 devices through which you will learn the basic laws of physics.

The summer toboggan run is a sports facility, which entices the rider to get actively involved in the fun, as "he slows down or puts the foot down", thereby controlling his driving style and how long he drives.

Ogrodzieniec Miniature Park is a real treat for everyone, both big and small!

Great fun is guaranteed!

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