Family fun park "Playland"



2 - 16 years


Playland Pkwy, Rye, NY 10580, США

Цена для взрослых:

30.00 USD

Цена для детей:

20.00 USD - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland" - Family fun park "Playland"


Welcome to Playland, where our visitors experience safe, clean family fun. We do our part every day to make sure that our rides and attractions exceed stringent safety standards. It is vital that parents and guardians do their part as well.
To make your visit safe and enjoyable, the information here details general safety rules and policies for parents, guardians and kids.
You'll notice all rides have height restrictions and safety restraints; and all designated swim areas have lifeguards. Please follow these and other posted rules and use your common sense. If you don't understand the rules, please ask a ride operator, other park employees or beach and pool attendants.
By working together, we can ensure that Playland remains a safe and happy place.Playland proudly billed itself as "America's Premier Playground". Increasingly crowds came to witness--and participate in--spectacles and events. Playland evolved into much more than amusement rides; it became a place to see circus acts, dance under the stars, win a new car, and crown the most beautiful baby in Westchester.

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