1 - 12 years


929 Garnet Avenue, San Diego, CA, United States - G3 Kids Gym - G3 Kids Gym - G3 Kids Gym - G3 Kids Gym - G3 Kids Gym - G3 Kids Gym - G3 Kids Gym


G3 Kids is a facility that bridges the gap between interactive learning and gymnastics-based athleticism. Located in San Diego, California, the instructors provide both nontraditional and traditional gymnastics lessons in an area that encourages exploration and safety. Their programs offer an environment that students can use as a physical outlet for their energy, and that fosters the growth of early education. G3 Kids teaches a variety of classes consisting of gymnastics, tumbling, parkour-n-ninja, cheer team, open gym, and preschool. Founder Nicole Harris Britvar started her business on the values of growth, stimulation, and kinesthetic learning, and her team of instructors strives to instill those values in each student through creative classes.

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