Tutu School Ballet School



2 - 8 years


567 Bay St, San Francisco, CA 94133, США


  • 18-24 mo. Our goal in our Tutu Toddlers division is to work with you to engage your little one and give them an introduction to ballet they'll never forget.
  • 3-5 years. Classes in our Exploring Ballet division strike a perfect balance between structure and creativity. In this division we begin carefully laying the earliest foundation of ballet technique, but we always compliment our class work with fun, imaginative activities that keep young dancers captivated, engaged, and utterly in love with ballet.
  • 5-8 years.  In the Primary Ballet Prep division we develop pure, fundamental ballet technique that will eventually allow our students to graduate to a disciplined study of the craft - when their little bodies are ready. 

We love having boys join us at Tutu School! After all, no fairy tale is complete without a prince. We always make boys feel welcome in our classes.

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