1 - 16 years


61 Billabong Dr, Port Macquarie NSW 2444, Австралия


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Цена для взрослых:

28.50 AUD

Цена для детей:

16.00 AUD - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo - Billabong Zoo


At the multiple award-winning Billabong Zoo (Port Macquarie, NSW) you can get up-close and personal to Australian and exotic animals. You can pat, stroke, feed, hold, hear and see over 80 species of mammals, reptiles and birds. We care for over 200 animals in this friendly 10 acre Koala and Wildlife Park. Enjoy our much loved Zoo Talks throughout the day. All free as they are included in the Admission price. Learn about our passion for conservation as Ambassadors for Wildlife and our world-renowned koala breeding programme. Book one-on-one Up-Close personal encounters with some very special animals: koalas, snow leopards, red pandas, meerkats, penguins & snakes.  Enjoy the playground and picnic areas set in beautiful lush gardens with tranquil koi ponds. Delicious hot food, snacks, ice-cream, coffee and drinks at our great Zoo Cafe. Souvenirs and retail therapy in our popular Zoo Shop. Fun for the kids. Education for everyone. Open every day, 9am-5pm. Rain or shine. Billabong Zoo, Port Macquarie –  it’s more than a great day out.

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