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Цена для взрослых:

8.00 USD

Цена для детей:

6.00 USD - Seymour Marine Discovery Center - Seymour Marine Discovery Center - Seymour Marine Discovery Center - Seymour Marine Discovery Center - Seymour Marine Discovery Center


The Seymour Marine Discovery Center is dedicated to educating people about the role scientific research plays in the understanding and conservation of the world’s oceans.

Through our breathtaking seaside learning center, we bring the adventures and explorations of ocean science to life. Powered by the Long Marine Laboratory, a world-renowned university research facility, the Seymour Marine Discovery Center offers hands-on immersion into the world of ocean exploration and discovery. With a 20,000-square-foot visitor center, guests can touch a shark, explore the latest discoveries in ocean science, and take in the spectacular Monterey Bay, called the “Serengeti of the sea,” for its incredible diversity of marine life. The Center offers a deeper dive into the research conducted at Long Marine Lab and a chance for everyone to find their inner scientist through rich experiential learning programs including school field-trips, summer youth programs, Science Sundays, volunteer opportunities, internships, and more.

The creatures in our aquarium inspire the scientist in all of us. At our invertebrate pool you can touch sea stars, sea urchins, hermit crabs, sea anemones and more. Our shark pool provides a close-up view of these fascinating and often misunderstood creatures, and provides you with the opportunity to touch a friendly swell shark! Other tanks house rockfish, eels, decorator crabs and jellies. Your visit will answer many questions and bring you closer to the creatures in the Monterey Bay.

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