Playfield "Dahl Playfield"



0 - 16 years


2715 NE 77th St, Seattle, WA 98115, США


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 Dahl Playfield is a big park with lots of great amenities. Waldo Dahl was a member of the Parks Board for 29 years, according to former Parks historian Don Sherwood’s fastidious notes.

The newest feature is a skate park is finished. Check out a cool drawing of this much-needed park amenity. Dahl Playfield also has a play area for kids, nice soccer and baseball/softball fields, a basketball court and a summer wading pool, a nicely planted area of native plants and small stream. This is also where you’ll find a great art installation called “Boulder Wash” featuring large stones smoothed into different shapes. A couple of the boulders look like empty eggshells, and look inviting for small kids to curl up inside.

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