3 - 5 years


5124 S Orcas St, Seattle, WA 98118, США - Preschool "Sprout Preschool" - Preschool "Sprout Preschool"


Sprout in-home preschool provides a fun and safe environment for children to play, explore and learn. Children learn best by moving their bodies, so we design our activities to be hands-on, self-directed, creative, physical, and social. Our program is play-based with some teacher-led activities and a variety of open-ended materials that allow children to build, create, pretend, and use their own ideas. Many of the materials are designed to help children develop the skills needed for later learning. For example, as Jaeda pours sand from a big bucket into a small cup, she begins to understand something about volume, weight, and gravity. As Max builds a street with wooden unit blocks, he learns something new about proportion, size, and shape.

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