Play center "Nubo"

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0 - 12 years


55 Doody St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Австралия




09 00 - 17 00 Closed - Play center "Nubo" - Play center "Nubo" - Play center "Nubo" - Play center "Nubo" - Play center "Nubo" - Play center "Nubo" - Play center "Nubo"
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The first of its kind in Australia, Nubo, meaning cloud, is a highly designed space that helps children and families play, explore, connect, grow and learn together.

Occupying a space of 767 sqm, Nubo’s harmonious setting utilises different floor levels instead of walls, soft lighting, natural materials and curves, to create a safe but boundless environment for children to enjoy.

Nubo will boast a variety of ‘pure play’ spaces where families can draw pure enjoyment from connecting with each other together, including an extensive children’s library surrounding a giant hot air balloon where kids can curl up to read their favourite book; a building room full of Big Blue Blocks, MagFormers, Lego WeDo 2.0 and Kaleido Gears; a workshop room to explore music, drama, robotics and more, a café where children can make a range of healthy dishes including Nubo’s signature pizzas with the space’s resident chef; a zone for active play complete with opportunities to slide, climb and hide; and a range of children’s master classes including cake making and painting.

Nubo is recommended for children up to 12 years of age but all are welcome.

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