5 - 16 years


598 Caves Road, Wee Jasper NSW 2582, Австралия


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Цена для взрослых:

20.00 AUD

Цена для детей:

14.00 AUD -  Cave "Careys" -  Cave "Careys" -  Cave "Careys" -  Cave "Careys" -  Cave "Careys" -  Cave "Careys"


The gem of Wee Jasper.

Travelling to Wee Jasper is a journey through one of the most diverse geological landscapes in Australia. The road passes through a range of volcanic and sedimentary rocks with a mix of broad acre and grazing rural properties. After crossing the historic bridge over the Goodradigbee River you drive through the village to the school at the end of the road and turn right, the sealed road will take you six kilometres out to Careys Cave.

Described as one of the most beautiful and fascinating tour cave systems in Australia, Careys Caves offers opportunities not found on conventional cave tours. There are a total of seven beautiful chambers of Crystal formations. There are 30 steps down into Careys Cave. After this, most of the pathways are fairly level. The floors of the chambers are mostly flat and you have the opportunity to explore different options.

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